ChatGPT Prompts for SEO: 20+ Extremely Useful Prompts

In the digital world, the marvel of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ChatGPT, stands out. OpenAI has trained this tool to serve various purposes, including enhancing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As SEO is crucial in the digital marketing sphere, blending it with AI can unlock countless benefits. So, let’s explore how to use ChatGPT for SEO.

The Art of Crafting Prompts for ChatGPT

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Prompts are the key to unlocking the power of ChatGPT. Through well-structured prompts, users instruct ChatGPT. The complexity of prompts can change based on what you want from the tool.

Applying ChatGPT to SEO


Unveiling On-page SEO

With ChatGPT, you can evaluate and enhance various parts of a webpage, such as meta descriptions and title tags. As a result, your on-page SEO becomes stronger.

  • Prompt: “Create a checklist for on-page SEO optimization.”

Perfecting SEO Audits and Keywords

ChatGPT can aid you in creating a thorough SEO audit checklist. It can also assist in comprehensive keyword research, which can make finding the most relevant and high-ranking keywords a breeze.

  • Prompt: “List the steps for a thorough SEO audit.”
  • Prompt: “Describe the process of effective keyword research.”

Optimizing Site Speed

A vital factor in SEO is how quickly your website loads. ChatGPT can help you outline an effective strategy to boost your website’s loading speed, potentially enhancing your ranking in search engine results.

  • Prompt: “Outline a strategy to optimize website loading speed.”

Decoding the ‘EAT’ Concept

With ChatGPT, understanding ‘EAT‘ (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) in SEO becomes easy. This tool can explain why it’s important and how to boost these factors.

  • Prompt: “Explain the ‘EAT’ concept in SEO and how to enhance it.”

Setting up Google Analytics

ChatGPT offers a step-by-step guide on setting up Google Analytics. By following this, you can efficiently track your SEO performance.

  • Prompt: “Give a step-by-step guide to setting up Google Analytics for SEO tracking.”

Optimizing Voice Search

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular, and ChatGPT can help you navigate this trend. The tool can provide insights into the effect of voice search on your SEO strategy and how to enhance it.

  • Prompt: “Describe the impact of voice search on SEO strategy and provide tips to optimize it.”

Building High-quality Backlinks

ChatGPT can outline a strategy for creating high-quality backlinks to boost your SEO performance. Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO, and getting them right can significantly improve your site’s visibility.

  • Prompt: “Draft a strategy for creating high-quality backlinks for SEO.”

Understanding White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

Understanding the differences between white hat and black hat SEO techniques is crucial. ChatGPT can provide a detailed comparison to help you choose ethical and effective SEO strategies.

  • Prompt: “Compare white hat and black hat SEO techniques.”

Conducting a Competitive Analysis

ChatGPT can guide you on how to perform a comprehensive competitive analysis in SEO. By understanding your competition, you can make informed decisions to improve your SEO strategy.

  • Prompt: “Explain how to perform a competitive analysis in SEO.”

Utilizing Schema Markup

Schema markup can improve your website’s SEO performance, and ChatGPT can guide you through its application. This tool can provide detailed instructions on how to use schema markup effectively.

  • Prompt: “Give a detailed guide on using schema markup for SEO.”

Introduction to SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

ChatGPT can provide a simplified yet comprehensive guide to SEO for beginners. This introduction can break down complex terms and concepts, making the SEO world accessible for novices.

  • Prompt: “Provide an easy-to-understand guide to SEO for beginners.”

Optimizing Images for SEO

ChatGPT can guide you on the best practices for optimizing your website images. An often overlooked aspect of SEO, properly optimized images can improve your website’s ranking and user experience.

  • Prompt: “Describe best practices for optimizing images for SEO.”

Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy

ChatGPT can help in developing a robust content marketing strategy with SEO at its core. From keyword usage to the creation of valuable and engaging content, it can guide you to drive more organic traffic.

  • Prompt: “Outline an SEO-centered content marketing strategy.”

Complementing SEO and SEM

ChatGPT can explain the interplay between SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), helping you to leverage both for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

  • Prompt: “Explain the interplay between SEO and SEM.”

Avoiding and Recovering from Google Penalties

ChatGPT can guide you on how to avoid and recover from Google penalties, a critical aspect of managing an SEO strategy.

  • Prompt: “Detail steps to avoid and recover from Google penalties.”

Leveraging Social Media for SEO

ChatGPT can provide best practices on how to use social media to boost your SEO efforts. From sharing content to building engagement, it can offer a host of valuable tips.

  • Prompt: “Outline best practices for using social media to boost SEO.”

Understanding Mobile-first Indexing

ChatGPT can explain the concept of mobile-first indexing and its impact on SEO. As more users shift to mobile browsing, understanding this concept becomes critical.

  • Prompt: “Explain mobile-first indexing and its impact on SEO.”

Enhancing SEO for E-commerce Sites

ChatGPT can provide specific tips on improving the SEO of an e-commerce site. From product descriptions to site architecture, it can guide you to increase visibility and conversions.

  • Prompt: “Provide specific tips for improving the SEO of an e-commerce site.”

Role of SEO in Digital Marketing Strategy

ChatGPT can elucidate the pivotal role of SEO in a holistic digital marketing strategy, emphasizing its importance in driving organic traffic and brand awareness.

  • Prompt: “Explain the role of SEO in a digital marketing strategy.”

Utilizing Google Search Console for SEO

ChatGPT can provide a guide on using Google Search Console to monitor and improve your SEO. This free tool from Google offers invaluable insights into your website’s performance.

  • Prompt: “Give a guide on using Google Search Console for SEO.”

Creating SEO-friendly URLs

ChatGPT can guide you to create URLs that are SEO-friendly. Optimized URLs can improve user experience and give your site a slight edge in search rankings.

  • Prompt: “Provide guidelines to create SEO-friendly URLs.”

Updating Old Content for SEO

ChatGPT can emphasize the importance of revisiting and updating old content for improved SEO, giving your previously published materials a new lease of life.

  • Prompt: “Discuss the importance and process of updating old content for SEO.”

Implementing Local SEO Strategies

ChatGPT can help to outline a strategy for local SEO. For businesses that serve specific geographical areas, optimizing for local search can significantly boost visibility and customer engagement.

  • Prompt: “Outline a strategy for effective local SEO.”

Tips for Using ChatGPT for SEO

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Using ChatGPT can be beneficial for your SEO if you follow some best practices.

Make sure you craft effective prompts, avoid common errors, and use proven strategies. Examples can further help you understand how to apply these prompts effectively.

The Road Ahead: AI and SEO


AI has the potential to revolutionize the SEO field.

Although there might be challenges, the benefits of tools like ChatGPT far outweigh them.

These tools can open up new avenues for SEO strategists.

Wrapping Up

With the right prompts, ChatGPT can significantly enhance SEO. This AI tool can bring numerous benefits to the field of digital marketing.

Hence, SEO professionals should tap into this technology to stay on top of their game.

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