Uberduck AI: The future of AI Voices

Uberduck represents a cutting-edge platform in the realm of artificial intelligence. It specializes in the creation of AI vocals and voiceovers, offering users access to a vast library of over 5,000 expressive voices.

Beyond this, Uberduck provides APIs, enabling developers to construct audio applications with ease and efficiency.

Features of Uberduck AI

AI Vocals and Voiceovers

Uberduck’s primary feature revolves around the generation of AI vocals and voiceovers. This tool allows users to create unique audio content, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. From podcasts to music production, the applications are diverse, catering to a wide range of creative needs.

Custom Voice Clone

Another intriguing feature of Uberduck is the ability to create a custom voice clone. This technology enables users to synthesize their own voices, adding a personal touch to their audio projects. It’s a testament to the advanced capabilities of Uberduck’s AI technology.

APIs for Developers

For developers seeking to build audio applications, Uberduck offers robust APIs. These APIs provide the necessary tools to integrate Uberduck’s features into their own applications, opening up a world of possibilities in audio content creation.

Variety of Voices

One of the standout aspects of Uberduck AI is the sheer variety of voices available. With over 5,000 voices to choose from, users have a wealth of options at their disposal. This diversity ensures that every audio project can have a unique and fitting voice.

Uberduck as a Machine Learning Community

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Beyond its function as a platform, Uberduck also serves as a community for machine learning enthusiasts. It’s a space where individuals can engage with AI research and apply it to create innovative tools.

This community aspect enhances the value of Uberduck, making it not just a tool, but a hub for learning and innovation in the field of machine learning.

Uberduck AI Blog


The Uberduck blog serves as a treasure trove of information, providing insights into the platform’s features, updates, and tutorials. It’s a valuable resource for both users and machine learning enthusiasts alike.

One notable post is the tutorial on using the Uberduck API. This comprehensive guide walks users through the process of generating speech and song, and even converting between voices using the API. It’s a testament to Uberduck’s commitment to making their platform accessible and easy to use.

Another intriguing post discusses the collaboration between Grimes and Uberduck. This post delves into the future of AI music, highlighting how Grimes is shaking up the music industry’s traditional norms by inviting creators to generate music with her AI voice.

The blog also features an invitation for voice actors to bring their AI voices to Uberduck, showcasing the platform’s dedication to expanding its voice library and providing diverse options for users.

Pricing Plans

Uberduck offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs and budgets.

Free Plan

The Free Plan offers access to over 4,000 voices and allows users to save up to 5 audio clips. It also provides 300 render credits per month, making it a great starting point for those new to the platform.

Creator Plan

Priced at $96 per year, the Creator Plan offers unlimited saved audio clips, commercial use voices, AI-generated raps, and API access. It also provides 3600 render credits per month, making it a suitable choice for creators and developers who require more extensive features.

Clone Plan

The Clone Plan, priced at $480 per year, includes all the features of the Creator Plan, with the added ability to clone your voice. This plan allows users to choose their clones and voice data, offering a more personalized experience.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan starts at $300 per month and includes all the features of the Clone Plan, with additional features such as bulk voice clones, templated audio generation, team & collaboration features, interactive voice bots, Twilio integration, and dedicated support. This plan is designed for businesses and teams that require advanced features and support.

Case Study: Yotta

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Yotta, a financial technology company, provides an excellent example of how Uberduck’s capabilities can be leveraged to create personalized media. In a unique end-of-year project, Yotta sought Uberduck’s assistance to create a memorable wrap-up for their users.

Uberduck AI rose to the challenge, helping Yotta create and ship 150,000 professionally produced rap songs with lyric videos, each one customized to each individual user. This creative approach not only delighted Yotta’s users but also drove engagement, with users sharing their personalized raps across social media and driving the opening of hundreds of new checking accounts.

This case study underscores the potential of Uberduck’s technology to create engaging, personalized content that resonates with users and drives business outcomes.


In summary, Uberduck stands out as a powerful platform for creating AI vocals and voiceovers. Its diverse features, from a vast library of voices to custom voice cloning and robust APIs, make it a versatile tool for creators, developers, and machine learning enthusiasts.

Moreover, Uberduck’s commitment to fostering a community around machine learning and AI research adds another layer of value to the platform. The case study of Yotta further illustrates the potential of Uberduck’s technology to drive engagement and business results.

While this article provides an overview of Uberduck’s capabilities, the platform’s potential is vast and continually evolving. As such, it’s worth exploring Uberduck firsthand to fully appreciate the possibilities it offers in the realm of AI-powered audio content creation.

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