What is Jasper AI? – Everything You Need To Know

Jasper AI is a writing tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, whose main focus is to help users generate high-quality content.

The type of copy Jasper focuses on is marketing copy, including: ad copy, blog posts, product descriptions and video scripts.

Main Jasper AI Features

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Jasper AI has many features built within it, in order to control everything that goes behind the writing process.

These features include:

  • Tone of Voice Control
  • Brand Voice
  • Team Collaboration
  • Multiple AI Engines Support

We will be analyzing these features one by one, alongside Jasper AI’s pros and cons.

We also wrote an in-depth review on Jasper AI to make sure we cover every possible aspect of this AI Software.

Tone of Voice Control

First of all we should define what Tone of Voice is.

Tone of voice is the emotions you create when writing a message to your audience.

There are several styles and each specific brand has (or should have) its unique one:

  • Confident
  • Inspirational
  • Encouraging
  • Joyful

The Tone of Voice is a key point when it comes to writing copy for your brand (or the one you are working for).

This is why Jasper focuses a lot on making sure each AI generated copy is suitable with the tone of voice you set.

Brand Voice

Next on the list we have Brand Voice.

Brand Voice is your whole company personality.

It is important this is the same across all your channels to ensure trust in your customers.

You can train Jasper specifically on your own brand voice to make sure it follows your style guide, brand identity and ethics.

There is also an option to have Jasper scraping your company’s website to directly learn from you.

Team Collaboration

We all know how important staying aligned is nowadays.

Everyone in your company must be aware of where the company is going and, within more specific departments, what everyone is doing.

This is why you can invite collaborators from your company into your Jasper AI Project to have people from your own team make edits and reviews.

Multiple AI Engines Support

There are a lot of AI Engines out there and everyone has its own preference, this is why Jasper added support for the majority of the best models out there.

Jasper AI supports the following AI Language models:

  • GPT-4
  • Anthropic
  • Google’s models

Each AI model has its own strengths and weaknesses but as of writing this, we found that OpenAI’s GPT-4 model is the most advanced one between the models supported by Jasper.

The process of [[How Does Jasper AI Work?|how Jasper AI works]] is much more complicated than this, but this should be enough to get a general understanding of how Jasper AI generates your output.

The Team Behind Jasper AI

Jasper AI has between 50 and 200 employees according to their LinkedIn Page.

Jasper AI’s HQ (Headquarters) are located in Austin, Texas.

The company was founded in 2021 and in total, Jasper AI has received over $130 Million in funding.

The 3 active founders are:

When defining their goals, their main objectives were:

  • Start a company (no matter what it was about)
  • Make $6k/month to support their families
  • Maintain and grow their friendship

Jasper AI Alternatives

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Of course, Jasper AI is not the only software when it comes to AI generated text.

There are many competitors on the market but the main Jasper AI Competitors are:

Each software has its own pros and cons.

For example, unlike Jasper, ChatGPT is completely free to use (unless you want to use GPT-4, which requires a “Plus” subscription).

On the other hand though, Jasper AI has more functionality dedicated to marketers which ChatGPT may not have (or at least they are not as easy to setup).


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Jasper AI has 3 pricing plans, with an option to be billed monthly or yearly.

  • Creator Plan ($49/m)
  • Team Plan ($125/m)
  • Business Plan (Custom Pricing)
Creator PlanTeams PlanBusiness Plan
Multiple AI ModelsYesYesYes
Up-To-Date News CitingYesYesYes
30+ Languages SupportYesYesYes
Tone of Voice1 Voice3 VoicesUnlimited Voices
Business Knowledge50 Files150 FilesUnlimited Files
Memory1,500 Characters1,500 Characters10,000 Characters
API AccessNoNoYes
Team AccessNoYesYes
SupportEmailLive ChatLive Chat

Creator Plan

The Creator Plan is the cheapest Jasper AI plan available.

The Creator Plan costs $49 a month or, if you want to pay yearly, it costs $468 a year (which comes down to $39 a month).

If you decide to pay yearly, you save a total of $120.

Teams Plan

The Teams Plan is the middle Jasper AI plan available.

The Teams Plan costs $125 a month or, if you want to pay yearly, it costs $1188 a year (which comes down to $99 a month).

If you decide to pay yearly, you save a total of $312.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the most expensive Jasper AI plan available.

The Business Plan does not have a specific price attached to it and is custom based on the needs of the company.

One of the exclusivity points of this plan is the API access, which allows you to build custom integration or automations using Jasper AI REST API.

Pros and Cons

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As with everything, Jasper has its pros and cons.

Jasper AI’s Pros

  • Great UI – Jasper spent a lot of time focusing on improving the UI and UX and it shows. You can navigate through the whole product with ease.
  • Speed – Jasper AI allows you to generate extremely high converting copy in a matter of seconds.
  • Tone of Voice – One of the main issues that arises when using AI Generated text is that it lacks personality, and most importantly, YOUR personality. With the Tone of Voice feature, you definitely won’t have to worry about this.
  • Pricing – Jasper is not THAT expensive for what it gives you access to. Especially if you are a marketing expert (or even a beginner), Jasper AI is a tool you MUST have in your stack.

Jasper AI’s Cons

  • Lacks Fact Checking – Sadly, Jasper AI cannot fact check what it writes for you so, even if most of the times what it spits out is true, you need to verify the informations yourself.
  • Hallucinates – Since Jasper uses AI models, sometimes it can hallucinate, making it spit weird or not precise information.

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